Hi, Velkomen to my website, skolma.com.
I am from Norway, currently on a long break from work, travelling the world.
I've already met lots of wonderful peoples and seen amazing places, yet there is so much more to see and do!

I really enjoy learning more about the Norse Gods and adventuring places Vikings have lived. Scandavian Folklore and Icelandic Sagas have particular interest to me.
My favorite God/Godess is Freyja, she is super cool lady, and the ultimate working mum. She is mostly associated with war, death, love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, and seiðr (magic),and her chariot is pulled by Cats!

This site was named after my favorite hike in Norway, the mountain ranges of Skolma, Sneldelida, Signalhornet, Grøthornet, Smørkinna and Veten, which has some nice stories linked to Vikings. They are the peaks of Hareidlandet island, north of Midtflødalen/Indreflødalen valley (on the Flø side) and Indredalen (on the Brandal side). These peaks connect to the rest of the plateau through Tørlingeskaret pass. Skolma and Sneldelida are shared between Ulstein and Hareid, Smørkinna and Veten belong to Ulstein, while Signalhornet and Grøthornet belong to Hareid. It is said these peaks were home to "vetter" (wooden cairns, set on fire under enemy attack) during the Viking era.

Takk - thanks for your visit, talast! ~ Maja